The following procedure will be followed when accepting individuals into Growth & Opportunity, Inc:

A. The referring agency or individual will discuss the potential individual with the appropriate programs staff member at Growth & Opportunity, Inc. If both parties agree the individual will benefit from the program and the individual meets the criteria, a referral packet will be given to the referring agency or individual. This does not imply acceptance into the program.

B. The review process will start when a completed referral package is received by Growth & Opportunity, Inc. from the referring agency or individual.

C. The Programs Manager and appropriate staff will review the information about the potential individual. If it is felt that further information is required, the program staff member will be assigned the individual will meet with the referring agency or individual to resolve any issues prior to determining appropriateness and acceptance to the program.

D. Upon completion of all requirements, the referring agency or individual will be notified of acceptance or will be given reason(s) for non-acceptance into the program.

E. Upon acceptance into the program, a case record is then initiated for the individual and a start date determined. An orientation will be conducted for each individual. Items covered in this orientation will include the following, as they apply to the individual, which will be accomplished during a facility tour:

1. The individual meets appropriate staff members
2. Skill Building/Workshop areas
3. Apartment Area
4. Exercise Room
5. Cafeteria/Break Area
6. Restrooms
7. Office Area
8. Review daily schedule of work and break time
9. Receive Program Participant Handbook
10. Expected Earnings from work program/DOL regulations
11. Safety Information
12. Program Plan Goal Setting (established after period of observance)
13. Recipient Rights Policy
14. Code of Ethics for Persons Served

F. The staff member assigned to the individual will provide the parent/guardian/program participant with a copy of the Program Participant Handbook for review at their discretion. A signature will be obtained stating that the handbook has been received and will be read. Should any individual have questions regarding the content of the handbook once it has been reviewed, the appropriate program staff member will address those inquiries/concerns to ensure that practices are understood.

G. The program plan will be reviewed with the program participant for final understanding.

Revision Date: 12/2012